So the government has finally published the job description for Sara Khan after employing her for a few months! It is quite interesting, see below my initial reactions to it in bold. And do recall my initial advice, don't get too hung up on the fact Sara Khan is leading it - the issue is the CCE as you can see from the Charter itself.

Extremism has been identified by the government as one of the most significant and important challenges of our generation. While much has been done to tackle the harms caused to our society and communities, the Commission is being set up to help us all to do more.”

OK – so we know it’s about ‘extremism’ but again we have no idea what that is – this must be the best job in the world, can you imagine how the review meetings will go with Sara and her boss Amber Rudd?

“The Commission will support the government, the public sector, civil and wider society and families to identify and challenge all forms of extremism.” 

Essentially it will provide a li…

The West's war on itself

Earlier this week Peter Harling, Alex Simon and Ben Schonveld published a detailed analysis and critique of the global programme called Preventing Violent Extremism and its sister programme Countering Violent Extremism called The West’s war on itself.

You can read the full, in depth, article here.

I would urge everyone to read this article with some tea, biscuits and a notebook and pen! There are many references that most of us would find easy to relate.

For those engaged in this area from 2001 onward – you may even claim that the father of the above two programmes is none other than the UK government's Prevent strategy and its wholesale co-option of the Neocon research and policy directions, from reports such as Civil democratic Islam, partners, resources and strategies by Cheryl Benard or think tanks such as Policy Exchange and others.

The article is broken in to the following chapters which themselves gives you a good insight of what this is all about.

The West’s war on itself,…

Commission for Countering Extremism: Why Sara Khan is not the problem

Since the announcement of Sara Khan, as the lead for the Commission for Countering Extremism (CCE), there have a been a few who have spearheaded the campaign against her and calling for her removal. Whilst many of the claims about her may well be right, calling for her replacement is the wrong thing to focus on. The issue is not Sara Khan, the issue is the Commission itself.

You will have noticed, that some of the most vocal of this call have yet to actually critique the CCE itself, and to be frank it smacks of 'my friend didn't get it so I'm upset.!

Please read below the outlines of why we must reject this Commission altogether.

A commission unlike others

This Commission for Countering Extremism (CCE) is unlike other commissions we have had in the past, that have traditionally had a remit to positively impact minority communities, such as the Commission for Racial Equality and the current Equality and Human Rights Commission. Those commissions were instituted through laws/…

Resigning from MEND

Some of you may have heard the news that I have resigned from MEND at the end of December 2017.

Being one of the co-founders of it, this was a hard decision to make but one that was necessary as I felt that certain principles on strategic matters had changed from what they were at the start and for me these were non-negotiable. Alhamdulillah, it’s been a fantastic journey and I am grateful to Allah for the opportunity to have played a part in establishing MEND across the UK, and more importantly empowering Muslims to challenge the Islamophobia that we face on all fronts as confident Muslim citizens.

My vision and efforts have always been to create more opportunities for the huge talent we have in our community to participate and take our community to even greater things with total confidence in their identity as Muslims, without feeling the need to compromise any of their Islamic values or identities. I will continue to do this in my new role at CAGE as its Community Relations Direct…

Why does the Times publish a journo with anti-Semitic & homophobic views?

Here is Dominic Kennedy - the so called journalist at the Times, that tweeted the below! 

Here he is selectively quoting my FB status to smear me.

Here is what I actually said.

Why is this hate preacher working for the Times? He's deliberately trying to smear CAGE and through that myself.

Why would the Times want to smear people who are challenging laws that encroach our personal liberties? Worst still why is the Times employing someone who tweets the disgusting stuff like the above?  
Don't be fooled by this charlatan parading around as a journalist. 
Also keep an eye out on those that will use this to smear CAGE, Muhammad Rabbani or myself and MEND. These people are worse than Dominic Kennedy, as they make reality what he tries to achieve, i.e. increase demonisation of Muslims so that they are pushed out of the civic, social and political spheres aka Islamophobia.

The 5 Pillars of Islamophobia

As promised below are the dates for a four city tour exposing the Islamophobia industry, This will be an evidence based seminar by Professor Miller of SpinWatch. Hope to see as many of you as possible there! Click the link below to register - which is a MUST!

FYI – Clarity on repeatedly published lies about me.

As many of you will know – I have a Wikipedia page – yep I do! Quite a popular one as it turns out given the trouble some individuals take to rehashing oft-repeated lies about me. I’m just not sure which one of my greatest ‘fans’ dedicates their time to set this up (someone needs to get a life) but let me make some corrections on the content there as well some other comments that are regurgitated about me all too frequently as if repeating them will give them the force of truth.
I have made these clarifications on numerous platforms and programmes but I realised that I still need to put this down on paper, so to speak. So here goes:
Wikipedia page
1.Muslim Safety Forum – “Ali left the post of chairman in 2008, then resigned entirely from MSF in 2009 after publicity over his extremist comments. In July 2010, he was reinstated as MSF’s chairman.”
My term as Chair of the Muslim Safety Forum (MSF) ended in 2008. I never resigned from the MSF, as minutes from the MSF meetings will prove, as w…