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How to create your own Islamophobia

You may have caught the headlines over the weekend which include 'Muslim students back killing in the name of Islam', and 'Muslim students back Islamic killings', or even '1/3 of UK Muslim students back jihad'. But the best has to be 'To beat extremism we must dissolve religious groups'!

With such 'shock & awe' inspiring headlines, I thought I’d read the report that triggered these sensational headlines.

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The Folly Of Engagement

I was invited as a guest, along with Ed Husain (Quilliam Foundation) on Islam Channel’s ‘Politics and Media’ show - or so I thought.

As it turned out, Ed was not happy to be on a live show with me. His voice broke, his face screwed up with disdain, and the whites of his eyes were plain to see as he retorted, “I’m not going on if he is”. Ed was apparently upset at my previous post about him, Maajid and Hasan Butt on this blog.

I assured him that he had nothing to fear, and that if he truly believed what he said - why not debate them? After all, I had no hard feelings about Ed calling me an ‘extremist’ on national television!

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‘Muslims don’t want Shari’ah’!

According to a ‘survey’ by the hitherto unknown Centre for Islamic Pluralism (CIP), two-thirds of Muslims do not want Shari’ah laws introduced in the UK on civil matters such as marriage. Well at least that’s the ‘estimate’!
This report has been picked up by the usual suspects in the media, Daily Express and the Spectator. Reading the ‘article’, rather than the ‘report’ on this survey - the ‘report’ will be published next year by Irfan al-Alawi and Stephen Schwartz - I was shocked to see the attacks on Dr Rowan Williams and the Lord Chief Justice.
The opening gambit is, “Don’t believe the Lord Chief Justice any more than the Archbishop of Canterbury”, and “Who is Rowan Williams? His comments were unimportant; he is not a political leader like Tony Blair or Gordon Brown.”
In this ‘survey’ we are told, “Soon after Archbishop Williams gaffe the Centre for Islamic Pluralism conducted a field survey of attitudes towards sharia in the main Muslim communities in Britain.”
Since we have to wait …