Why does the Times publish a journo with anti-Semitic & homophobic views?

Here is Dominic Kennedy - the so called journalist at the Times, that tweeted the below! 

Here he is selectively quoting my FB status to smear me.

Here is what I actually said.

Why is this hate preacher working for the Times? He's deliberately trying to smear CAGE and through that myself. 

Why would the Times want to smear people who are challenging laws that encroach our personal liberties? Worst still why is the Times employing someone who tweets the disgusting stuff like the above?  

Don't be fooled by this charlatan parading around as a journalist. 

Also keep an eye out on those that will use this to smear CAGE, Muhammad Rabbani or myself and MEND. These people are worse than Dominic Kennedy, as they make reality what he tries to achieve, i.e. increase demonisation of Muslims so that they are pushed out of the civic, social and political spheres aka Islamophobia.


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